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Trials & Studies

Mental Health Research

Alberta Health Services has endorsed the Provincial Mental Health Plan, which emphasizes that research plays a number of critical roles in the planning, development and operation of the mental health system.

Addictions & Mental Health Client Engagement Research Project

Engaging Clients in Evaluating Client Experience in Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction & Substance Abuse Research

Information about AHS research into addiction and substance abuse.


Information on the ALPHA Trial research project which studied the impact of physical activity on breast cancer risk. 

Parents as Agents of Change (PAC)

The pediatric Centre for Weight & Health (PCWH), located at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, is now accepting overweight children (8-12 years old) and their parents for a clinical trial.

Tomorrow Project

The Tomorrow Project is the largest cancer research study ever conducted in Alberta. Our goal is to recruit 50,000 volunteers from across the region. Volunteers will visit a study centre, provide lifestyle information, samples and physical measurements.

BETA Trial

The Breast Cancer and Exercise Trial in Alberta (The BETA Trial) is recruiting participants to find out how a one-year high volume versus moderate volume aerobic exercise intervention influences and modifies breast cancer risk.