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Home > Health Information > Warming breast milk

Warming breast milk

  • If breast milk has been frozen in glass or BPA-free plastic container, place the container in a pan of warm water until the milk is lukewarm.
  • Do not thaw or warm breast milk in a microwave. Microwaves heat milk unevenly, form hot spots that can burn your baby, and destroy the immune components in breast milk.

Before Feeding Warmed Milk to Your Baby

  • Shake the warmed container of breast milk to mix it.
  • Always test the temperature of the breast milk on your wrist. Breast milk should be cool to the touch. If it is warm to the touch, it may be too hot to feed to your baby.

If your baby doesn't finish the bottle, throw out any milk that is left. After a baby drinks from the bottle there is an increased chance of bacteria growing in the milk.