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Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta provides health advice and information through a toll-free phone number to all Albertans. Access is 24 hour, 7 day a week and support is provided by experienced registered nurses and other health-care professionals.

Contact Health Link Alberta

Anyone in Alberta with a health question or concern can call:

Toll-free: 1-866-408-5465 (LINK)
Edmonton: 780-408-5465 (LINK)
Calgary: 403-943-5465 (LINK)

To view online health information visit MyHealth.Alberta.ca.

The goal of Health Link Alberta is to support Albertans in managing their own health. The result is a more knowledgeable public, fewer hospital visits and healthier communities.

By having a single, coordinated service across the province, Alberta Health Services is able to provide consistent information to the public.

When calling Health Link about someone else’s symptoms, it is important that the person is with you when you call. To do a complete and accurate assessment, we need to ask questions about the symptoms that the person is having right now.

Why should I call Health Link Alberta?

Health Advice and Information

Whether you’re calling for yourself or a loved one, Registered Nurses at Health Link Alberta will assess your symptoms and determine the most appropriate care. That option might be advice for self-care at home, an appointment with your family physician or a visit to the nearest urgent care or emergency department. Looking for information on diabetes or healthy eating? Health Link Alberta is also an excellent resource to get you the health information you need.


Need help finding the nearest immunization clinic? Wondering how to find a family doctor? Looking for a program on diabetes or prenatal classes? Call Health Link Alberta for all your questions around where to go for health care and help navigating the health system. 

New parent email subscription

Health Link Alberta provides health information to new parents about their child’s growth and development as well a common health concerns. If you have a child between 0 and 18 months and would like to sign-up for this free email subscription call Health Link Alberta today.

Interpretation Services

To help meet the needs of Alberta’s diverse populations, Health Link Alberta provides access to translators in up to 120 languages. These translators quickly (within two minutes) become a part of a three-way conversation including the caller and Health Link Alberta staff.

Contact us:


Material Order Form

To order marketing materials such as magnets, brochures and posters from Health Link Alberta, fill out the Materials Order Form.    

Health Link Alberta

Anyone in Alberta with a health concern can call:

Or visit:

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