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The HTAI team provides expertise and skills in the areas of health technology assessment and appraisal, innovation, clinical epidemiology and project management.

HTAI has two main components, assessment of health technology (HTA) and support of new health care innovations (I).


How Do I Get Help With HTA Activities?

You can contact the HTAI team by email at htai@albertahealthservices or you can complete and submit an assessment request

How Do I Get Help With Innovation Activities?

You can contact the HTAI team by email at htai@albertahealthservices.ca or you can complete and submit a Health Technology Submission form.

Previous Projects

Locator Device Project

The number of Albertans with dementias such as Alzheimer’s Disease is on the rise. Providing the right care in the right place for those impacted by dementia is an ongoing challenge. In partnership with the University of Alberta and numerous internal and external stakeholders, AHS is examining the use of wearable GPS-enabled devices that report patient location to family caregivers. This project supports clients and families by enabling patients to remain safely at home as long as possible.


A local HTA program has been developed by the Department of Surgery of the former Calgary Health Region to assist local decision- and policy-makers to evaluate new technologies. Although not part of the HTAI department, there are linkages and collaborations between this program and HTAI. Typical health technology assessments are usually conducted at the national or international level and may not take into consideration factors that are critical for local decision-makers. For example, while local decision-makers may rely on national and international agencies to provide them with information on new technologies, that information may not be tailored to the local context.

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) & Innovation (I) Department is comprised of 3 Programs:

  • Assessment and Appraisal: Novel technologies and processes are identified and developed to improve the access, quality and sustainability of health care delivery.
  • Replacement/Reassessment: Technologies are examined at pre-determined times after their acquisition and toward the end of their life-cycle to determine safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, obsolescence and appropriate use.

The Innovation section is responsible for identifying new and innovative technologies and providing support in combination with industry.

What Services Do These Programs Provide?

  • Recommendations, prioritization processes
  • Briefing reports, rapid reviews
  • Economic analysis of technology or processes
  • Operational Financial Impact Analysis (OFIA)
  • Industry engagement
  • Internal R&D activities

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Director: Dr. Don Juzwishin
Contacts: don.juzwishin@albertahealthservices.ca