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Kaye Edmonton Clinic a one-stop shop for outpatient services

December 5, 2012

Facility made possible by one-time $30-million donation

People living in the Edmonton area and northern Alberta will have improved patient care and access to specialized services and technologies with the opening of a new, world-class outpatient clinic.

Edmonton Clinic panoramaThe new Kaye Edmonton Clinic combines a wide range of services, health professionals, medical students and researchers under one roof.

The clinic is named after Edmonton philanthropist Donald Kaye, who is donating $30 million to the University Hospital Foundation in support of the facility. This is the largest one-time donation to health care in Alberta’s history.

The facility will improve patient care by creating seamless access to services and specialists. Albertans will get the care they need, when they need it.

Elizabeth Seib, director of ambulatory (outpatient) care for the Edmonton Clinic, says the facility is focused on the needs of patients and their families.

“One of the goals in the design was for it not to feel like a hospital. Patients often tell me and tell others that this is an immense improvement for them,” Seib says,

Kaye Edmonton Clinic

VIDEO: Kaye Edmonton Clinic

Ambulatory services are brought together under one roof. When patients come in to see their physician, they can schedule appointments to see a social worker, dietitian or other members of their care team on the same day in the same building.

The clinic includes a range of outpatient services from orthopedic and day surgery clinics, to family medicine and seniors clinics. It’s also the future home to the Northern Alberta Urology Centre, the C.J. Woods Prostate Health Clinic, Northern Alberta Renal Program, transplants and adult mental health clinics.

An advanced electronic medical record system will allow clinicians to better co-ordinate care and share important patient information.

More than 400,000 patients are expected to be served at the facility in its first year, including visits to the School of Dentistry and the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic. When fully operational, nearly one million patients a year will benefit from the Kaye Edmonton Clinic’s integrated network of care.

The Kaye Edmonton Clinic is part of the second largest health infrastructure project in the province. It will be joined by a pedway to the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, a research and education facility opened earlier this year and jointly operated by the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Government.

“The partnership between the University of Alberta and the Edmonton Clinic is incredibly valuable,” says Dr. Dylan Taylor, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta, and Co-Facility Medical Director at the Edmonton Clinic.

“The Edmonton Clinic allows learners from all over the health disciplines to do their learning together. Having the learners learn together will result in better functioning teams when they are then actually in practise.”