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I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology is to positively affect, through the use of assistive technology, the lives of people who have disabilities.

Our Services

I CAN Centre Facts

  • State-of-the-art assistive technology centre supported by a multidisciplinary team of knowledgeable clinicians
  • Services available in a variety of formats (in-person or via Telehealth)
  • Service delivery model based on best practice in assistive technology
  • I CAN team has received two regional Alberta Health Services REACH awards for innovation
  • Provides an environment that encourages researchers and clinicians to work together
  • Recognizes assistive technology services as an essential part of the rehabilitation continuum of care
  • I CAN Centre is a “must-see” for rehabilitation practitioners, as well as national and international visitors.


"The I CAN Centre has helped me in a lot of different ways. The I CAN Centre helps me learn more about technology. The iPad camp was really fun. I made lots of new friends there. I’m glad I have my tools because they help me do things I couldn’t do without them."

— By Skyler

"The I CAN Centre is like a part of my family. In a way they helped raise me. The people that work there have always and continue to be cheerful, friendly, and supportive when helping me reach my goals. It is because of their great knowledge of communication and mobility, along with their exceptional dedication and guidance that I have become the independent person I am today. For that I will always be grateful."

— By Chelsea Hagen, Top 10 finalist in the 2015 Canada Day Challenge essay contest