Performance Measures

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In July 2017, AHS publicly released the 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan, which is the principle guiding and strategic document for AHS. As we move forward with the goals and objectives outlined in the 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan, we recognize the need to track and measure our progress and success as a healthcare organization.

Each quarter, AHS creates a performance report as part of our accountability requirements to Alberta Health and also to share our progress with Albertans. Beginning this quarter we are tracking 13 measures which align with the 12 objectives outlined in the AHS 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan. These measures are a blend of new and some of the previous 17 measures.

These 13 performance measures are used to monitor how our health system is performing. 11 measures are reported quarterly and two are reported annually and will be included in the year-end AHS Annual Report.

The remaining measures from the previous set of 17 will continue to be included in the larger set of measures we monitor, but are not used to assess performance. These “monitoring measures” do not have targets and for some of these measures, national benchmarks do not exist. However, these measures are of interest to Albertans and therefore AHS continues to track them.

In areas where we have already met or exceeded targets, we will continue to strive for more improvement. We are focused on areas that still need work.

Performance Measures Overview

These measures are grouped according to the 2017-2020 Health Plan and Business Plan goals and objectives.

The first quarter update shows AHS' progress from April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017. Zones and provincial programs have provided updates to objectives and priorities in the subsequent pages as outlined in the 2017-18 Action Plan.

Quarterly Comparison: Target Achieved Improvement Stable over prior period ≤3% Area requires additional focus

Goal 1: Improve Patients’ & Families’ Experiences


Make the transition from hospital to community-based care options more seamless

Measure Trend
Percentage Placed in Continuing Care within 30 Days
Percentage of Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Patient Days

Make it easier for patients to move between primary, specialty and hospital care

Measure Trend
Number of Specialties Using eReferral Advice Request

Respect, inform, and involve patients and families in their care while in hospital

Measure Trend
Adult Patient Experience with Hospital Care Q1 available in Q2; Q4 in appendix

Improve access to community and hospital addiction and mental health services for adults, children and families

Measure Trend
Access to Adult Addiction Outpatient Services (in days) Q1 available in Q2; Q4 in appendix

Goal 2: Improve Patient & Population Health Outcomes


Improve health outcomes through clinical best practices

Measure Trend
Unplanned Medical Readmissions Q1 available in Q2; Q4 in appendix

Improve health outcomes of Indigenous peoples in areas where AHS has influence

Measure Trend
Perinatal Mortality Among First Nations (this measure does not include all indigenous populations) Reported annually. AHS’ focus is to reduce the gap between First Nations and Non First Nations.

Reduce and prevent incidents of preventable harm to patients in our facilities

Measure Trend
Hand Hygiene Compliance

Focus on health promotion and disease and injury prevention with an emphasis on childhood immunization

Measure Trend
Childhood Immunization: DTPP
Childhood Immunization: MMR

Goal 3: Improve the Experience & Safety of Our People


Improve our workforce engagement

Measure Trend
Employee Engagement Rate Reported annually. Survey done every 2 years. Next Survey in 2018-19.

Reduce disabling injuries in our workforce

Measure Trend
Disabling Injury Rate

Goal 4: Improve Financial Health & Value for Money


Improve efficiencies through implementation of operational and clinical best practices while maintaining or improving quality and safety

Measure Trend
Percentage of Nursing Units Achieving Best Practice Targets

Integrate clinical information systems to create a single comprehensive patient record

There is no AHS measure identified for clinical information systems. We will monitor our progress over the next three years through the accomplishment of our actions.

Note: “Trend” compares data from the current quarter to the same time period as last year for easy reference, and may or may not indicate statistical significance of the results.