Alberta Wildfires Emergency Alert

Fort McMurray remains under a mandatory evacuation order. A provincial state of emergency has been declared (more information). 

Updates from Alberta Health Services will be posted on our Wildfire Resources page. Updates from the Alberta government will be posted on their emergency page.

Visit Alberta Emergency Alerts to sign up for alerts and download the app.


CancerControl Alberta reduces the impact of cancer on all Albertans and provides expert care and support for patients from their first symptom to survivorship. Our goal is to be to be a leader in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliative care, all on a foundation of world-class research.

Important Update for Fort McMurray Cancer Patients

All cancer patients scheduled for their cancer treatments in the Fort McMurray Cancer Centre or with any concerns about their treatment plan please call the Alberta Cancer Line at 1-888-432-8865.

The hours of operation of the Alberta Cancer Line are 8:15 a.m. until 16:30 p.m. Callers can leave a message on the line for after hours and we will respond the following day. We are working hard to reschedule cancer appointments, linking patients to oncology nurses for symptom management and managing questions and social workers for the provision of psychosocial support.

Cancer Basics (MyHealth)

Cancer Prevention


Alberta Cancer Plan