Your EMS

More than 5,600 EMS professionals work together to ensure Albertans receive the best EMS care possible, every day, in every community across the province.

Your EMS is a behind the scenes look at the men and women who provide this care, as well as the equipment, tools and programs used to help ensure you get the right care, in the right place at the right time.

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Your EMS – Shane Fitzpatrick

Shane Fitzpatrick is a #YYC #YourEMS paramedic who is also part of specialty team that supports the Calgary Police tactical unit.

Your EMS – Mark Carson

#YEG #YourEMS paramedic, Mark Carson, is one of #Santa’s biggest helpers.

Your EMS – Don Sharpe

#YYC #YourEMS, Don Sharpe, is the first international paramedic to be trained to provide volunteer EMS care in Israel. @Mdais @CanadianMDA

Your EMS – Nate Pike

Caring doesn’t stop at the end of a #YourEMS shift. Calgary Paramedic, Nate Pike, promotes caring in the community through his music.