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Specialized Seniors Health Assessment and Rehabilitation Units

Patients benefit from an interdisciplinary team approach to care management with a goal to provide treatment for medical problems and to assist patients in regaining their independence by developing a plan to optimize their abilities. Families are involved in the care planning process. The average length for admission is three to four weeks in which thorough medical and functional (mobility, memory, etc.) assessments are completed.

A full range of acute care services is available to assist in the medical management of patients with multiple co-morbidities. Patients typically require consultation services from a variety of Specialists such as Cardiology, Internal Medicine, GI, Orthopedics, Neurology, Psychiatry and Urology. All patients require a full range of Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Services.


Rockyview General Hospital
Units 57 and 58
7007 14 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 1P9


403-943-3453 (Referral Information), 403-943-3557, 403-955-1525 (Seniors Health One Line Referral)


403-212-0884, 403-212-1230 (Referral Fax)

Wheelchair accessible

For more information please contact the service at this facility.

Hours of Operation

24 hour service

Referral Line hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Available to

This service is not available to everyone. Call for more information.

Referral needed

A referral is needed to access this service. Call for more information.

Medical referral required.

Intra-hospital Calgary Zone referrals accessible through Patient Care Information System - Sunrise Clinical Manager, on line Consult to Geriatrician.

Community referrals accessible through Seniors Health One Line Referral.


Service language options

Interpreter/Translation services

Wait time

Variable dependent on service program referral triage.