The Behavior Toolbox Series

Effective July 1, 2017, Alberta Health Services (AHS) will not be renewing its license for the Behavior Toolbox Series.

The Behavior Toolbox will still be available as a resource; however, it is a licensed proprietary program that requires end-users to access only if they have a current, active license in place. To inquire about licensing for The Behavior Toolbox Series, contact Conduct Management at:

For a resource that includes information about mental health, mental illness, tobacco reduction, addiction prevention, active living, nutrition, body image and injury prevention, see the Provincial Teacher Resource List.

The toolbox series is an online resource for professionals such as mental health clinicians, physicians, nurses, teachers and administrators who work with children in everyday situations and in special environments, where significant learning and behavioral problems are encountered.

Included in the Series:

  • Child Behavior Toolbox (CBT) – Infancy to 12 Years
  • Adolescent Behavior Toolbox (ABT) – 12 to 18 Years 
  • (NEW!) Autism Behavior Toolbox (AuBT) – 5 to 12 Years  

The autism edition addresses topics such as classroom and academic modifications, compulsions and fixations, play and leisure skills.