IPC Continuing Care Resource Manual

This manual is intended to support staff in caring for residents living in Alberta Health Services (AHS) owned and contracted Continuing Care settings who have a known or suspected infectious disease or condition.
Continuing Care - includes settings in which medical, physical and social services are provided to support the needs of people living with chronic illness. The goal of the continuing care setting is to prevent deterioration of function and, when possible, improve the function of the resident or client. May also be referred to as Long Term Care, Facility Living or Supportive Living.

The Continuing Care IPC Resource Manual Diseases and Conditions Table is organized in alphabetical order based on either the common or scientific spelling of the disease, condition or microorganism. There is a Glossary available for this resource manual.

Each entry in the table is linked to the Routine Practices or Additional (Isolation) Precautions information sheets (below), which outline the procedures required.

The Additional (isolation) Precautions information is linked to the applicable signage. These are:

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