Workforce Research & Evaluation

Who we are

Workforce Research and Evaluation has been in operation since 2001. We are an interdisciplinary research team (sociology, medicine, psychology, social work, and health economics) with expertise in research and evaluation.

We use systematic inquiry contributing to health system reform and promoting excellence in professional practice. We are nationally and internationally recognized for our research. We conduct applied research and evaluation that informs:

  • Workforce utilization (e.g., providers working to full potential and staff mix)
  • Collaborative practice delivery models
  • Integrated health service delivery across the continuum of care

Workforce and health systems research matters because

  • The health system is a people system
  • Health system and patient outcomes are interconnected with workforce organization and deployment
  • This research responds to concerns of current and future supply and demand

What we can do for you

Our team members can work with you by:

  • Partnering on research and evaluation projects
    • Help refine research questions
    • Create evaluation plans
    • Collect & synthesize data
    • Write reports
  • Sharing best practices and evidence in our knowledge areas
  • Discussing how our research findings apply to your work
  • Participating in your discussions on workforce utilization, service delivery models, or health system issues
  • Providing expertise and guidance in research and system level evaluations

Note: We work on a cost recovery basis.

Quick Links

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