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Latest Physician News

March 8, 2017
Physician Recruitment Opportunity – Expert Committee on Drug Evaluation and Therapeutics

February 27, 2017
Family Physicians and CancerControl: Strengthening Linkages Workshop – AHS CancerControl is pleased to offer the seventh annual oncology workshop for family physicians to be held in-person and via videoconference at Alberta’s six referring cancer centres on April 22, 2017. For more info and/or to register, see our registration form.

CIS Update

AHS seeks help to develop provincial CIS-ready clinical guidance: AHS is looking for experienced clinicians (physicians, nurses, allied health and clinical support staff) from each zone and discipline to work collaboratively in the development of provincial clinical guidance and practice standards to be enabled by the now funded AHS Provincial Clinical Information System solution. This initiativemoves AHS towards its goal of a single integrated health system empowered by best evidence tailored to the Alberta context. To learn more about this pivotal work, email at