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Programs & Services

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  • Addiction & Mental Health Centres

    These facilities are for the treatment and care of people with mental health or addiction challenges.

  • Cancer Care Centres

    Cancer Care facilities include prevention, detection, treatment, research, education and care of cancer patients.

  • Continuing Care Centres

    Continuing & Long-Term Care residents have complex health needs and require 24 hour on-site services from a registered nurse.

  • Emergency Departments

    Emergency provides access for patients of all ages suffering from life threatening to minor conditions. Emergency is not a first-come, first-serve system. Critical patients are attended to first.

  • Hospitals

    A health facility that provides medical, surgical, or psychiatric care and treatment for the sick or the injured.

  • Labs

    Labs are facilities where you may be sent to have blood, urine or other samples taken.

  • Other

    Other health facilities include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, home care and hemodialysis, to name a few.

  • Primary Care Networks
  • Public Health Centres

    These facilities provide a wide range of health services which may include: prenatal, postpartum, health promotion/disease and injury prevention, bereavement services, communicable disease and school health.

  • Urgent Care Centres

    Urgent Care Centres are medical facilities for people who have unexpected but not life-threatening health concerns that require same day treatment. People with life-threatening conditions should go immediately to an Emergency Department or call 911.

  • X-Ray & Imaging Clinics

    Clinics that you may be sent to have procedures such as X-rays, MRI�s and other types of scans done.

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