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Alberta Hip and Knee Clinics

Provides a healthcare team approach to assess and treat people who need total joint replacement surgery. The first appointment (assessment) is with an orthopedic surgeon. The program will continue to follow your progress until after your surgery. 

Available to

Clients who have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a hip or knee replacement.

Referral needed

A referral is needed to access this service. Call for more information.

Forward referral forms with x-ray reports by fax. Referrals for total hip and total knee replacements can be made to specific orthopedic surgeons or to the next available orthopedic surgeon. The referring doctor will be notified once the referral has been received. The patient will be notified by the Alberta Hip and Knee Clinic when they have an appointment for assessment.

Referral Form

Service providers

doctors, occupational therapists (OTs), physical therapists (PTs), registered nurses (RNs)

Service partners

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute

Service locations

Please visit the links below for more details about this service at various locations.