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Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program

Alternate names: ABCSP

The ABCSP develops and coordinates activities that contribute to finding breast cancer early. Services include:

  • information and teaching to women and healthcare providers
  • up-to-date screening throughout Alberta based on research and feedback from healthcare providers
  • works with healthcare providers and clinics to communicate with women who have been screened or who are eligible to be screened

For more information, go to www.screeningforlife.ca.

Screen Test operates clinics in Edmonton and Calgary, and mobile screening mammography services to over 100 communities throughout rural Alberta. The Alberta Society of Radiologists offers mammography clinic services in communities throughout Alberta.

Available to

  • If you’re a woman between the ages of 50 and 74, you are automatically
    included in the program.

  • Once you turn 50, and if you haven’t had a screening mammogram already,
    you’ll be sent a letter letting you know that you’re at an age when screening
    is important and inviting you to get screened.

  • For all women 40 years and older, once you’ve had a screening mammogram,
    the clinic will mail your results to you.

Accessing the service - more information:

For screening locations near you, visit www.screeningforlife.ca or call.

Referral needed

A referral is needed to access this service. Call for more information.

A referral from a healthcare provider is needed for the first appointment for women aged 40 to 49. For women aged 50 to 74, no referral is needed.

Service providers

radiologists, radiology technicians

Service partners

Alberta Society of Radiologists

Service locations

Please visit the links below for more details about this service at various locations.