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Sexual and Reproductive Health - Clinical Services

Alternate names: (Previous names: Family Planning)

Drop in services include:

  • low cost birth control supplies
  • birth control information
  • emergency contraception
  • STI, HIV, and syphilis testing
  • STI treatment
  • free pregnancy tests
  • pregnancy options support (parenting, adoption, abortion)
  • post abortion check ups
  • pap tests  

Not all services are available at all locations.  

Available to

People age 24 and younger, and any person who has trouble getting healthcare (e.g., no healthcare, low income, or language issues).

Accessing the service - more information:

Pregancy options counselling is available by appoinment or walk in.

You need an appointment for:

  • HPV immunization
  • IUD insertion


There are fees for birth control supplies, HPV vaccinations, and emergency contraception. There may be some fees for other services.

Service providers

doctors, registered nurses (RNs)

Service partners

Highland Primary Care Network

Service locations

Please visit the links below for more details about this service at various locations.