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Sleep Centre

Alternate names: Foothills Medical Centre Sleep Centre

This service provides consultation, diagnosis and treatment for adults with sleep disorders.  Clients referred to the clinic must fill in a sleep questionnaire before the referral can move forward. The sleep questionnaire can be mailed to their home or they can fill it in online. The sleep questionnaire and online sleep class are used to triage referrals and to:

  • educate patients on the patient process / waitlist
  • provide education on specific sleep disorders
  • learn more about the person’s medical history and sleep history
  • offer information on private healthcare options that people may want to learn more about

Diagnosis may include a testing of their sleep disorder by in-home overnight monitoring or in-lab sleep studies.

More Information


Accessing the service - more information:

Due to the long wait list, the policy is that if you don’t show up for or cancel 2 appointments without 3 days notice, you will be discharged from the Sleep Centre and will need to be referred by your doctor again.

Referral needed

A referral is needed to access this service. Call for more information.

Doctor's referral is needed. Fax completed referral form and supporting documents to 403-270-2718.


There are no fees for services provided by the Centre, however, Alberta Health Care Insurance doesn't pay for CPAP machines or related equipment.

Service providers

doctors, polysomnographic technologist, psychologist, respiratory therapist

Service locations

Please visit the links below for more details about this service at various locations.

  • Foothills Medical Centre
    Room EG12, Foothills Hospital. MD clinics and CPAP clinics are located in Area 1B of the Health Sciences Centre.
    1403 29 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 2T9; 403-944-2404