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Programs & Services

Aboriginal Health Program

Service provides support to the Aboriginal population and to healthcare providers working with Aboriginal populations.

Acute Adult Inpatient Mental Health Services

Assesses and treats older adults who have mental health concerns

Addiction Services - Adult Counselling

Provides personalized assessment, treatment and referral for adult clients with alcohol, tobacco and other drug or gambling concerns.

Addiction Services - Adult Day Treatment

Non-residential, day treatment programs for people who have substance use or gambling problems.

Addiction Services - Adult Detoxification

Provides a non medical structured environment to support people withdrawing from alcohol and other drugs.

Addiction Services - Adult Long-Term Residential

A residential, long-term intensive treatment program for people with substance addiction.

Addiction Services - Adult Residential

A residential, 42 to 90 days + intensive treatment program for adults with addiction issues.

Addiction Services - Day Support

Day time support for people who have no housing options available and need to sleep during the day time because they are intoxicated or ill.

Addiction Services - Prevention

Provides alcohol, other drugs, tobacco, and gambling prevention, and education services.

Addiction Services - Shelters

Provides an overnight shelter for people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Addiction Services - Youth Counselling

Provides assessment, treatment, and referral for teenagers with alcohol, other drug, or gambling issues.

Adult Community Mental Health Services

Offers counselling and support for people with mental health problems.

Adult Community Services Walk In Single Session Counselling Service

For people who have mental health concerns.

Adult Day Support

Offers assistance with health and support services and social activities and respite day programs to help an individual to continue to live in the community.

Alberta Healthy Living Program - Supervised Exercise

Exercise programs for adults with one or more chronic conditions who would like to learn how to exercise safely and make the lifestyle change to regular physical activity.

Alberta Hip and Knee Clinics

Provides care to people who have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon for a hip or knee replacement.

Ambulatory Foot Care Clinic

Provides care for foot problems for people who can?t care for their own feet.


Provides angiograms to take pictures of the blood flow in specific blood vessels or the heart.

Aphasia Group Coffee Chat

For people with aphasia (from a neurological problem or a stroke) who are having trouble communicating.

Arthritis Pool Exercise and Education

Provides adults with information about arthritis and physical fitness so they can learn to manage their arthritis symptoms.

Asthma Education Program

Offers asthma education in individual or group sessions in many locations throughout Alberta.

Audiology Services

Provides hearing tests for children.

Better Choices, Better Health

A six-week workshop designed to support people living with long-term health problems (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, asthma, chronic pain).

Blood Gas Laboratory

Provides blood gas assessments.

Bronchoscopy Program

Offers testing to diagnose lung diseases or problems.

Cafeteria Services

Provides fresh, high quality food that you can buy at Alberta Health Services facilities. This includes in-house, third party vendors, and vending machines.

Cafeteria Services - Cafe Du Monde

Provides fresh high quality food and drinks for purchase.

Cafeteria Services - Cafe VA

Provides food that people can buy in AHS hospitals and facilities.

Cafeteria Services - Jolt N Bolt

Provides food that people can buy in AHS hospitals and facilities.

Cafeteria Services - Terrace Cafe

Provides food for people to buy in AHS hospitals and facilities.

Cancer Patient Navigation and Tumor Triage Coordination

Provides support by explaining treatments, tests, and choices so cancer patients can prepare for visits and by improving the coordination of care.

Cancer Treatment and Care - Associate Cancer Centres

Alberta Associate Cancer Centres provide cancer care and treatment to patients in their home communities.

Cancer Treatment and Care - Community Cancer Centres

Alberta Community Cancer Centres provide cancer care and treatment to patients in or near their home communities.

Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing

The exercise cardiac stress test is a common cardiac (heart) screening test. The patient exercises on a treadmill, with gradual increases in the speed and elevation of the treadmill. During the test, your electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, heart rhythm, and blood pressure are monitored.

Cardiac Monitoring Services

Offers heart monitoring services.

Cardiac Patient Navigation

Single point of access for urgent and semi-urgent cardiac referrals.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

To teach people with heart disease about lifestyle changes and exercises to allow them to return toa productive, healthy life.

Cardiology Physician Consultation

Offers consultation with a Cardiologist or Internal Medicine specialist (heart doctor).

Cardiology Services

Provides diagnosis and treatment for people with known or suspected heart disease.

Central Alberta Anticoagulation Clinic

Provides anticoagulation services for people with a variety of health issues.

Chemotherapy / Systemic Cancer Treatments

Information about drugs used to treat cancer.

Child and Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Services

Provides short-term crisis stabilization and assessment in the hospital to children with acute mental health problems.

Child and Adolescent Services

Cares for children who have a mental illness.

Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic - Northern Alberta Renal Program

Provides care to adults 17 years and over who have chronic kidney disease.

Clinical Breast Health Program

Provides education, information, resources, and support to people with breast cancer or suspected breast cancer.

Communicable Disease Control

Responsible to prevent and control certain communicable diseases, which are classified as notifiable diseases.

Community Genetics

The program provides information and support to families and individuals to understand the nature and cause of an inherited diseases.

Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres offer a variety of services and programs for all ages that help communities maintain and improve their health by working with them to create healthy and supportive environments.

Computed Tomography

Offers computed tomography, which is when pictures of the body are taken using radiation and computer-enhanced imaging.

Concurrent Disorders Enhanced Service

Helps people with both serious mental health and addiction problems.

Consort Foundation

The Consort Foundation is an important partner providing supplementary funding to enrich the health of our communities.

Continuing Care Counselling

Offers counselling for people in continuing care and their families.

Continuing Care Services

Offers 24/7 residential care for people with complex medical needs.

Coordinated Intake for Children's Rehabilitation Services

Pediatric Social Workers review and refer clients with developmental delay to variety of front-line service providers.

Coronation Health Centre Foundation

Mission Statement: The Coronation Health Centre Foundation is a registered public foundation whose purpose is to raise funds to help the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre maintain or improve the programs and services it provides to the community.

Crisis Response Team

Offers crisis intervention and referral to people in emotional and/or mental distress.

Crisis Response Team Rural

Offers crisis intervention and referral to people in emotional and/or mental distress.

David Thompson Health Trust

The Health Trust provides leadership and support in philanthropy and fundraising to foundations, donation committees, health programs and facilities, and to interested community members at both the regional and local levels.

Daysland Hospital Foundation

Enhance health care of the residents and communities served by the Foundation.

Designated Supportive Living Level 3

Provides housing and support for adults and seniors who can?t manage in their own homes.

Designated Supportive Living Level 4

Offers private, personal living space and personal care for adults and seniors.

Designated Supportive Living Level 4 Dementia

Offers private, personal living space and personal care for adults and seniors with mild or moderate dementia.

Diabetes Insulin Pump Clinics

Assesses and supports people with diabetes who want to use an insulin pump.

Diabetes Specialty Care

Provides teaching and support for people with diabetes.

Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention Clinics - Northern Alberta Renal Program

Helps people with diabetes prevent or delay diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease caused by diabetes).

Diagnostic Imaging Services

Provides diagnostic imaging exams, and NOT ALL tests are offered at every site.

Diagnostic Mammography Services

Service providing diagnostic mammograms.

Disordered Eating Consultation

Provides education and consultation to healthcare providers, educators, and the public about treating eating disorders.

Diversion Services - Addiction and Mental Health

Moves people who have committed minor non-violent crimes, and have mental health and addiction concerns, from the judicial system to the mental health system.

Drayton Valley Health Services Foundation

Provides supplementary funding to Drayton Valley Hospital and Breton Care Centre.

Drumheller Area Health Foundation

The Drumheller Area Health Foundation seeks and administrates funds for the purchase of equipment and the enhancement of existing programs relating to health care in the Drumheller area, not funded by Alberta Health Care.

Early Intervention Program

The Program offers a home-based support program to developmentally delayed and/or disabled children.


Service provides echocardiograms, which are ultrasound studies of the heart.


Provides electroencephalographs (EEGs), which help diagnose diseases, injuries, or problems with the brain.


The electromyography program provides a wide range of nerve conduction studies and electromyography.

Emergency / Disaster Management

Provides emergency planning and preparedness including coordinating emergency plans, contingencies for major events (e.g., natural disasters, disease outbreaks, mass casualties, labour disruption), and pandemic planning.

Emergency Medical Services

Provides ambulance response for emergency 911 requests in the community and inter-facility ground and air ambulance transport between healthcare facilities.

Emergency Services

Emergency departments help people with their emergency health needs 24/7. Health problems are assessed, diagnosed, and treated. Treatments vary from minor to life-saving measures.

Emergency Services

Provides outpatient and emergency healthcare.


A class for people with cancer who feel very tired (cancer-related fatigue). Family members and support people are welcome.

Enterostomal Therapy

Provides consults to help manage an ostomy or wound.

Environmental Public Health - Disease: Communicable, Rabies, Food Borne Illness

Works to decrease the spread of illnesses caused by food, water, insects, and animals.

Environmental Public Health - Drinking Water

Ensures drinking water supplies in Alberta (e.g., large public water systems for cities and towns, private water supplies) are safe to drink.

Environmental Public Health - Education

Teaches public facility operators and the general public about environmental public health.

Environmental Public Health - Housing and Illegal Drug Operations

Works to make sure all public housing (including rental properties) are safe for tenants and meet the Housing Regulation and Minimum Housing and Health Standards requirements.

Environmental Public Health - New Business and Plan Approval

Completes plan reviews, grant approvals, and issues permits and licenses for new businesses and special events that fall under Alberta?s Public Health Act.

Environmental Public Health - Orders, Disclosure and Legal Activity

Enforces Alberta?s Public Health Act, including food and housing regulations. May prosecute owners and operators of public places that continue to use unsafe practices that may endanger people in court.

Environmental Public Health - Personal Services

Prevents illness and infection from spreading when people have personal services like tattoos, piercings, massage, or esthetic services (e.g., manicures, pedicures, facials, hair styling).

Environmental Public Health - Recreational Water

Makes sure people don?t get sick when they use public swimming pools, whirlpools, hot tubs, spray parks, wading pools, and public beaches.

Environmental Public Health - Risks: Indoor Air, Outdoor Air, Contaminated Sites

Works to prevent, control, or remove any dangerous condition in the environment that could make people sick.

Environmental Public Health - Safe Food

Works to prevent food poisoning (also called food borne illness) in Alberta by investigating food-related complaints and providing food safety information and education to facility staff and the public.

Environmental Public Health - Social Care

Works to make sure adults and children living in or using care facilities (e.g. nursing homes, group homes, daycares) have safe shelter, food, and other services as required by Institutions Regulation.

Environmental Public Health - Work Camps

Works to make sure that all people living in work camps have safe food, water, and housing.

Environmental Public Health Program

Works to prevent or remove hazards from public places.

Fibromyalgia Group

This program teaches people with fibromyalgia more about the condition and teaches them the tools and methods to live successfully with the condition.

Finance Department - Accounts Receivable

Processes billings.

Fluency Groups Intensive and Individual

Group therapy for school-aged children who stutter offered in July and August.

Fluoride Protection for Toddlers

Provides free fluoride applications for children 12 to 35 months to protect thier teeth from cavities.


Provides fluoroscopies.

General Radiography

Provides x-rays of the body.

Gift Shop Services

Provides many items you can buy for visitors and people in the hospital.

Hairdressing Services

Provides hairdressing services to continuing care residents and patients admitted to the facility.

Halvar Jonson Centre for Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation

Long-term inpatient rehabilitation for moderate-to-severe complex brain injury or stroke patients.

Health Information - Access and Disclosure

Releases medical information to people, service providers, lawyers, or authorized parties in accordance with the Health Information Act.

Health Information / Records Management

Gives people information from their medical records.

Health Information Resource Centres

Helps people find health information.

Health Promotion

The AHS Central Zone Health Promotion Program consists of a team of facilitators working together with schools and communities to empower people to improve their health and quality of life, promote healthy living to reduce chronic disease and injury, provide information and resources, develop partnerships, build on knowledge strengths and abilities, and create sustainable initiatives.

Healthy Living Centre

Offers support for people recovering from an illness or injury.

Heart Function Clinic

The Heart Function Clinic provides specialized expertise in assessment, therapy, monitoring and education of heart failure through an interdisciplinary team of professionals. They improve quality of life and the ability for clients to self -manage their condition through education, informed decision making and coordination of care.

Hemodialysis - Northern Alberta Renal Program

Provides hemodialysis treatments.

Hemodialysis - Southern Alberta Renal Program

Provides hemodialysis treatments.

Hepatitis Support Clinic

Supports patients with Hepatitis C who qualify for special therapy curative treatment.

Home Care

Supports people with medical needs so they can live in their own homes, lodges or group homes.


Provides hospital services in many facilities across Alberta.

Immunization - Adult and Seniors Services

Provides immunizations for adults and seniors at community / public health centres across Alberta.

Immunization - Infant and Preschool Services

Provides primary immunization for infants and preschool children at Community/Public Health Centres across Alberta Health Services.

Immunization - School Services

Provides routine immunizations to children in schools in Grades 1, 5, and 9.

Indoor Mall Walking Program

Offers a low-impact exercise program for adults.

Interdisciplinary Lower Extremity Clinic

Sees people who are at risk for foot complications and ulcers.

Interpretive Services

Offers access to interpreters in person or by telephone for Covenant Health.

Kentwood Place

Supported housing project for those in recovery from serious mental illness, after hospital or other inpatient care.

Knowledge Resource Service

Manages and provides access to information resources to help Alberta Health Services staff and healthcare providers make decisions based on reliable and current evidence.

Laboratory Services

Provides collection of blood and body fluids for tests ordered by your doctor or healthcare provider.

Lacombe Health Trust

The Lacombe Health Trust exists to enhance the delivery of health care in both the Lacombe Hospital and Care Centre and in the surrounding community.

Lloydminster Public Health Services

Provides information so people can improve their health.

Lost and Found Services

Provides a place to drop off or pick up items that have been lost or found at the hospital.

Lower Limb Assessment Clinic

Provides assessment for qualification for funding for compression stockings.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used in Diagnostic Imaging to investigate the anatomy and function of the body in both health and disease.

Medical Specialty Clinic

Provides tests and care for people in rural areas of the Central zone in 6 specialty clinics.

Mental Health Services

Offers services for children, adults, and older adults with mental health issues.

Mindful Connections Postpartum Support

A support group for women experiencing postpartum depression.

Mobility Clinic

This clinic provides service to those clients with home or community based mobility issues.

Mobility Clinics Rural

Offers help for people who live in rural areas and find it hard to move around inside their homes or out in their communities

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Helps people with and their families deal with MS and get the care they need.

Neonatal Intensive Care Services

Provides care to critically ill newborn babies.

Nuclear Medicine

Uses a special camera to take pictures of tissues and organs in the body.

Nuclear Stress Testing

Provides nuclear stress tests (cardiac perfusion testing) to diagnose heart disease.

Nurse Practitioner

Provides care including assessing and treating health problems.


A Registered Dietitian provides cancer patients with nutrition information to help maximize the benefits of treatment.

Nutrition Class - Heart Healthy

Offers heart health nutrition information for people with high cholesterol, high lipids, or high blood pressure.

Nutrition Counselling (Dietitian)

In this service, a registered dietitian provides teaching to help clients follow a special diet and improve their eating pattern to manage their medical condition.

Nutrition Counselling (Dietitian) - Alberta Healthy Living Program

This service provides nutritional assessments for inpatients, nutrition counseling on an individual basis and instructs classes in healthy eating.

Nutrition Counselling (Dietitian) - Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Provides information to pregnant women about nutrition so they can have a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Nutrition Counselling (Dietitian) Pediatric

Provides nutrition counselling for anyone under 18.

Obstetrics Services

This program offers low risk obstetrical and newborn care services.

Occupational Therapy - Children's Rehabilitation Services

Helps children relearn skills or learn new skills so they can do daily activities.

Occupational Therapy Acute Care Services

Helps people with a disease or injury to relearn skills or learn new skills to do their daily activities.

Occupational Therapy Adult Community Rehabilitation Program

Helps people with a health problem or injury to relearn skills or learn new skills to do daily activities.

Occupational Therapy Outpatient

Helps people with a health problem to participate in daily activities.

Occupational Therapy Services Continuing Care

Helps people with an injury or health problem to relearn skills or learn new skills so they can do their daily activities.

Office of the Medical Officer of Health

Works to create environments focused on the health of the population. Reports the health status of the population, controls and manages infectious and communicable diseases, gives direction to Environmental Health service programs, and to chronic disease and injury prevention.

Oral Health Program

The Public Oral Health program offers preventive dental health services, free of charge, to specific at risk populations.

Outpatient Booking Department

The outpatient booking department books appointments for the outpatient department by referral.

Outpatient Cancer Drug Benefit Program

The Outpatient Cancer Drug Benefit Program (OCDBP) provides, without charge, cancer drugs to registered Alberta cancer patients.

Outpatient Department

Provides a range of outpatient services, including minor treatments, surgeries, and follow-up.

Outpatient Dietitian Counselling - Pediatric Weight Management Services

The service includes in-depth nutrition counselling and lifestyle coaching in the areas of physical activity, sedentary time and sleep hygiene.

Pacemaker / Device Clinic

Provides consultation and follow up care for people with pacemakers or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators.

Palliative Care

Provides care for people at the end of life.

Parking Services

Operates, maintains, and manages construction for parking facilities at Alberta Health Services locations.

Patient Email Well Wishes

A messaging service for people wanting to send well wishes to inpatients in hospitals and healthcare facilities across Alberta.

Patient Food Services

Responsible for food preparation and meal service for patients and residents at all sites.

Patient Information

Provides directions and answers to inquires about a patient's location.

Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

This outpatient clinic is provided to assist children and families with children with cardiac disorders.

Pediatric Services - Acute Care

This unit provides inpatient medical care for children from birth to 16 years of age.

Pediatric Specialty Clinic

Provides assessment and diagnosis for children with a combination of developmental, behavioural, sensory, physical, and/or learning problems.

Perinatal Bereavement Program

An inpatient program for parents whose baby has died because of miscarriage, stillbirth, or early neonatal death.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacist-supported patient care and safe drug production and distribution.

Physical Therapy - Children's Rehabilitation Services

Works with families and schools to help infants and children learn to move and function in their environment.

Physical Therapy - Outpatients

Rehabilitation service for patients who have recently been discharged from hospital or are recovering from surgery

Physical Therapy Acute Care Services

Acute care and outpatient services for people with physical challenges and/or health issues that affect their ability to function and carry out their everyday activities.

Physical Therapy Adult Community Rehabilitation Program

Provides assessment and treatment for people of all ages with physical challenges and/or health issues that affect their ability to function and carry out their everyday activities.

Physical Therapy Services Continuing Care

Support clients with mental or physical limitations to become independent in their activities of daily living.

Prenatal Education Programs

Offers prenatal classes for pregnant women, their partners and support people.

Primary Stroke Centre

Provide 24/7 access to advanced stroke care using CT and TeleStroke technology via Emergency Departments.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services Adult Inpatient Program

Offers services for people in the hospital recovering from mental health problems.

Psychosocial Services Palliative Care and Oncology

Offers practical support and counselling to patients and families dealing with end-of-life issues, grief, and loss of a loved one.

Public Health Breast Pump Rentals

Provides breast pumps for rent.

Public Health Breastfeeding Support Services

Breastfeeding support through telephone counseling and home visits. A Public Health Nurse can respond to breastfeeding questions and concerns.

Public Health Mother Baby Drop In Services

Offers support and education for parents.

Public Health Nursing

Offers service in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention, and health protection.

Public Health Postnatal Services

Offers home visits to all mothers.

Public Health Pregnancy Support Programs

Offers support for women to help them have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Service for anyone age 6 years and older who may have a respiratory illness and needs more testing to make a diagnosis.

Radiation Therapy Treatments

Provides radiation therapy.

Recreation Therapy Services Acute Care Inpatient

This program offers recreation therapy to patients in acute care.

Red Deer Bariatric Specialty Clinic

Provides clinical treatment options for adults with obesity.

Red Deer Regional Health Foundation

Raises money to pay for equipment and services for health services in the Red Deer area.


Responsible for patient admitting and registration.

Rehabilitation Home Care Services

Rehabilitation services done in the clients home.

Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic

Offers assessment and treatment for people with functional limitations.

Rehabilitation Unit

Provides services to adults with a physical or mental functional loss and who would benefit from 2 or more therapies or treatments.

Respiratory Therapy Adult and Pediatric Services

Provide outpatient assessment, treatment, and education related to lung health.

Respiratory Therapy Outpatient

Provide outpatient assessment, treatment, and education related to lung health.

Respiratory Therapy Pediatric Services

Respiratory health services provide assessment, treatment, and education around airway management.

Respiratory Therapy Regional

Respiratory health services provide assessment, treatment, and education around airway management.

Respite Care

Respite care provides a scheduled break for caregivers from caring for the chronically or terminally ill person living at home.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinic

Rheumatologists from Edmonton provide assessment and treatment for rheumatoid arthitis through a satellite clinic in Red Deer.

Seating Outreach Team

This service assesses a client's wheelchair seating and mobility needs.

Seniors Mental Health Program Community Services, Seniors Outreach Nurses

Provides mental health assessments for older adults.

Seniors Mental Health Program Mental Health Inpatient Services

Assesses and treats older adults who have mental health concerns.

Sexual Health Clinic

Provides sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, birth control counselling and prescription, and pregnancy testing.

Sexual Health Education

Provides information, consultations, and group presentations on healthy sexuality throughout Central Alberta Communities.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Services

Provides counselling and follow-up for people with sexually transmitted infections (STI) and their partners who may be at risk for STI.

Sleep Program

Focuses is the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Specialized Geriatric Services

Offers service to older adults who have had a recent or still undiagnosed reason for a decline in their health or level of function.

Specialized Obstetric Services

Level 2 services for low- to high-risk pregnant women and babies born at 32 weeks gestation and greater.

Speech Language Pathology - Children's Rehabilitation Services

Speech-language services helps children who have trouble communicating due to speech, language, voice, or swallowing issues. Services are offered in many settings (home, school, in the community, etc.).

Speech Language Pathology - Continuing Care

This service provides communication assessment, treatment for speech, language, memory cognition, voice, and fluency (stuttering) issues. It also assesses and offers treatments using other methods of communication.

Speech Language Pathology Acute Care Services

Services are provided to any adult with communication speech fluency difficulties or problems with swallowing.

Speech Language Services - Adult

This service offers assessment, treatment, consultation, and education for people who have a speech, language, voice, or swallowing disorder.

Spiritual Care Services

Provides compassionate support and response.

Stettler Health Services Foundation

The Stettler Health Foundation was established in 1998 to enhance the health needs of the people of Stettler and surrounding communities.

Stress Echocardiography

Stress echocardiography is one of the most widely used tests in the assessment and diagnosis of heart disease.

In conjunction with Diagnostic Imaging, stress echocardiography is offered in the Red Deer Hospital Cardiology Department.

Stroke Early Discharge & Community Rehabilitation Program

In-home therapy offered to stroke survivors to assist them in their recovery immediately after the event or 1 year+ post-stroke, it they continue to have challenges.

Stroke Early Supported Discharge & Community Rehabilitation Program

In home therapy offered to stroke survivors to assist them in their recovery immediately after the event or 1 year+ post-stroke, if they continue to have challenges.

Stroke Early Supported Discharged Program

Provides in-home therapy to stroke survivors who have been referred from the hospital after they have been discharged.

Stroke Prevention Clinic

The clinic is focused on early identification and prevention of strokes in clients who are at risk for a stroke or have had a stroke before.

Stroke and Geriatric Empowerment Unit

A specialized assessment program for adults who would benefit from an intensive rehabilitation program.

Surgical Services

Provides pre-operative and post-operative care to surgical inpatients and Day Surgery patients.


Connects callers to departments and health units throughout the hospital.

Symptom Control & Palliative Care Telehealth Program

Clinic for patients in rural communities having problems with pain or other cancer symptoms who do not have access to specialists locally.

Tofield and Area Health Services Foundation

The Foundation raises funds to preserve, protect and enhance the role of the Tofield Health Centre as a provider of health care services for the residents of Tofield, Ryley and surrounding communities; as well as to support opportunities to promote or enhance community wellness initiatives.

Travel Health Services

Offers counselling and immunization services for people planning on travelling outside of Canada. There is a charge for this service.

Travel Health Services - Yellow Fever Immunization

Nationally-approved Yellow Fever vaccination centres in Alberta.

Tuberculosis Testing

Offers tuberculosis testing for eligible Albertans.


Ultrasound examinations are noninvasive and help physicians diagnose and treat possible medical conditions through exposing parts of the body to high frequency sound waves that produce real time pictures of the inside of the body.

Viking Health Foundation

Enhancing health care for the people of Viking and area.

Vital Heart Response / STEMI Program

This program enhances the treatment and outcomes of people with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer opportunities at Alberta Health Services are available in hospitals, rural areas, community programs, and services.

Wainwright and District Community Health Foundation

To enhance health care for the residents of the communities served by the Foundation.

Wetaskiwin Health Foundation

Our Mission is to be an essential fundraising partner supporting ongoing health services for your community.

Young Adult Treatment Program

Provides a 90 day residential treatment and outpatient counselling program for young adults aged 18-24.

Young Parent Outreach

Provides information and support to young women who are having an unplanned pregnancy or parenting challenges.

eSIM - Provincial Simulation Program

Provides training to Alberta Health Services staff using theatrical techniques, including actors and patient simulators (computerized mannequins), to recreate realistic scenarios they could expect to encounter in the real world.