How to Request General Information About AHS

Information Requests

General information means any recorded information about AHS’ business activities, such as those related to facilities, infrastructure, and security; policies and programs; budgets, expenses, and contracts; reports and statistics, etc., that are under the custody or control of AHS.


Contact us at the Privacy Intake:

Step 1

Complete this form. A $25 initial fee is required. AHS accepts cheque or money order made payable to "Alberta Health Services".

Online payments are now available – please enquire about this option when you submit your request.

Step 2

Send your form (and cheque or money order if using) by mail. You may also send your request by email if making your payment online.

Information & Privacy

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Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3E4

Public Health Inspection Reports

You may request public health inspection reports directly from Environmental Public Health (EPH) via the Contact Form.