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What is HealthChange Methodology?|HealthChange Learning Series

What is HealthChange Methodology?

HealthChange Methodology (HCM) is an evidence-informed approach for delivering health services in a person-centered way.

There is ample evidence and strong endorsement of person-centred care throughout health literature and leading health organizations which aligns to the areas of focus in AHS’ strategic goals.

HealthChange offers a systematic approach for embedding person-centred care into any provider’s practice. It provides a way of communicating and working with patients and families that helps them understand and use health information as it is shared in a way that is meaningful to them.

HealthChange is designed to support all team members that have patient contact to practice in a similar way, thereby ensuring the team as a whole is being person-centred. This consistency of approach across care teams helps patients understand what to expect from care appointments and what their role is when they meet with any member of their care team.

Use of HealthChange Methodology promotes shared decision-making and collaboration and engages patients and families as true partners in their care. The guiding practice principles of HealthChange support providers to be present with patients in a way that is non-judgmental, fosters trust and encourages exploration versus making assumptions.

The methodology also supports providers to assess and build patient readiness to make health changes, and to structure conversations in a way that meets the patient's behavior change needs. Over time, HealthChange can enhance a patient’s ability to self-manage their health conditions.

Healthcare teams across Alberta have been using HealthChange Methodology to guide process improvement work, adapt clinical documentation and develop effective patient education resources.

HealthChange Learning Series

HCM education is delivered as a Learning Series, combining self-directed e-learning and a virtual interactive workshop to support learners to understand and use the methodology. It’s recommended that learners complete all parts of the HCM learning series. When that isn’t possible, the three e-Modules will provide a helpful introduction to some core components of the methodology.

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The e-Modules are pre-requisites for the workshop. Each e-Module will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

  • e-Module 1: Introduction to HCM – provides an overview of HCM that outlines foundations of HCM and offers insight into its approach.
  • e-Module 2: Health Literacy – provides an introduction to health literacy and outlines the HCM approach for building a patient’s health literacy and how it supports patients to engage in their health.
  • e-Module 3: Goal Setting – explains the ‘4 Aspects of Goal Setting’ practice principle and demonstrates how it supports collaborative goal setting and shared decision-making.

Live Virtual Workshop

The free virtual workshop builds on e-Module content by introducing the remaining core components of the methodology and by offering valuable interactive activities to help learners practice using the skills. The workshop is delivered in two parts (3.5 hours each) over Zoom. It is facilitated by Certified HealthChange Trainers across the province who have experience in a variety of clinical and non-clinical roles, and who use the methodology in their daily work.

Learning Series Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Understand how HealthChange Methodology defines and guides person-centred practice.
  2. See how the methodology can be applied in practice through video/audio demonstrations.
  3. Consider how the methodology applies in their own work role through reflection exercises and by practicing HealthChange skills and techniques in interactive activities.
  4. Self-assess their person-centered practice skills and consider areas for growth.

Target Audience

The learning series is relevant for all Alberta healthcare providers, and non-clinical team members, whose roles involve direct patient contact (in-person or virtual). 

Leaders (managers, team leads, practice leads) may also benefit from attending this workshop by understanding how HCM provides practice guidance to their teams, and by applying the methodology to their interactions with staff/colleagues.

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