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Contact Tracing

Last week, we discussed AHS’ COVID-19 assessment centres. This week’s vlog is a bit of a follow up, and talks about a crucial next step when a COVID-19 test is positive: contact tracing. This is the process of figuring out all the people who’ve been in recent contact with someone who has a communicable disease.

Contact tracing help ensure people who are infected are be isolated to reduce the risk of them passing the virus along to others. Wide-scale testing and contact tracing are among our best tools to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In this vlog, I, Verna, am joined by three guests who help us understand more about contract tracing:

  • Dr. David Strong, lead medical officer of health, Communicable Disease Control
  • Maureen Rutz, a communicable disease control nurse and contract tracer
  • Adam Bizuk, a clinical development nurse and also a contract tracer

My guests talk about the importance and challenges of contact tracing, and how contact tracing might look different as we head into the fall.