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Our COVID-19 Outbreak Response

One of the many things we’re proud of is our reputation as a learning organization.

You’ve helped build our culture of learning and innovation, which has been serving us well during this pandemic. It’s allowed us to be nimble and adapt our provincial response to COVID-19 as needed.

Our ability to adapt helps ensure we can adapt consistent best practices across AHS, and that we have the supports in place to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the months ahead.

To that end, much work has been done by our provincial Acute Care Outbreak Prevention and Management Task Force to understand how best to reduce the risk of an acute care outbreak occurring, while ensuring our response is carried out efficiently, and effectively.

Joining me to talk about COVID-19 outbreaks, how we’ve responded and what we’ve learned are:

  • Linda Iwasiw, Interim Chief Zone Officer, South Zone
  • Dr. David Zygun, Edmonton Zone Medical Director, and
  • Dr. Peter Jamieson, Medical Director Foothills Medical Centre, Associate Calgary Zone Medical Director, and Medical Advisor for the AHS Emergency Coordination Centre.

Linda, David and Peter discuss their experience with outbreaks, how we can support our people through them, and the work of the Acute Care Outbreak Prevention and Management Task Force.