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More on staff safety

Last week we talked about how the Legal and Privacy team is working to help keep our staff safe. Today, I’d like to continue with that theme and share the work of a couple of our other teams: Protective Services and Social Media.

Their support has been invaluable during the pandemic. On top of their regular duties, Protective Services created safety ambassadors to support the screening staff at acute care sites. They’re responsible for evaluating staff, patients and visitors for COVID-19 risks before entering the building.

Our social media team has also been quite busy, as we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in social media activity relating to AHS. They’ve been constantly monitoring social media for any perceived threats to our staff or the organization, and work very closely with Protective Services to flag and address them, if needed.

Joining me today to tell us more about their work are:

  • Jerry Scott, Chief Protective Services Officer and Senior Program Director, Protective Services
  • Vicki Hall, Director of Social Media and Story Hub.

You can find a list of general personal safety practices on Insite. As well, please continue to report all workplace incidents including injuries, patient-to-staff aggression and urgent safety issues through MySafetyNet.