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Supporting the Wellness of Albertans

Supporting the wellness of our people and Albertans is something I am quite passionate about, so I’m excited to share an exciting new initiative - the Wellness Exchange.

This online, weekly drop-in wellness series offer one-hour sessions are designed to build skills to help people cope with stress and adversity, while promoting positive mental health and well-being. Five different courses are available this summer and fall ranging in topics from managing reactions, healthy thinking and increasing confidence through effective problem solving.

Joining us today to tell us more about the Wellness Exchange and ways we can improve our wellness are:

  • Colleen Pruden, Education Consultant, Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention
  • Jody Walker, Health Promotion Facilitator, Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention     

If you have any questions about these courses, please email ahswellnessexchange@ahs.ca. You can register by searching “Wellness Exchange” on MyLearningLink.

For additional learning opportunities on mental health, please check out our Wellness Seminar Series for employees. More staff supports and resources can also be found on our Health and Wellness webpage.