A Discussion on Vaccination

On last week’s vlog, we addressed some of your questions about our immunization policy and touched on vaccine hesitancy. Today, guest host Sean Chilton continues that discussion, as I know it’s on the mind of many as of late.

Immunization against COVID-19 is the most effective means to prevent its spread, prevent outbreaks in our facilities, preserve our workforce capacity to support the healthcare system, and protect workers, patients and visitors.

While COVID-19 vaccines have been proven safe and effective, I know many Albertans, including some of our staff, still have questions. Joining Sean to answer some of those questions and discuss vaccine hesitancy are:

  • Dr. Cora Constantinescu, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Mark Joffe, Vice President and Medical Director, Cancer Care Alberta, Clinical Support Services and Provincial Clinical Excellence

Find answers to commonly asked questions about vaccine safety and effectiveness on the COVID-19 Immunization Insite page. You can book your COVID-19 immunization appointment through ahs.ca/vaccine.