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Equitable Access to Care

We know immunization is one of the most effective ways to protect our health and we strongly encourage everyone to get the vaccine once they are eligible to receive it.

At the same time, we recognize that different people will have different feelings and concerns about COVID-19 immunization. And that’s OK.

Unfortunately, one of the narratives out there in the public realm is to shame those who are not immunized. Some even suggest we go as far as withholding care to the unvaccinated.

I want to be clear – this is a view AHS does not share. While we will continue to strongly advocate for all individuals to become vaccinated, vaccine status will never impact access to care.

Our role is to provide care, and help break down any barriers that might exist for people who are open to making a different choice.

Joining me today to discuss this topic are:

  • Sean Chilton, Vice President, People, Health Professions and Information Technology
  • Dr. Mark Joffe, Vice President and Medical Director, Cancer Care Alberta, Clinical Support Services and Provincial Clinical Excellence
  • Dr. Cheryl Mack, Chair, Clinical Ethics Committee, Stollery Children’s Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, WCM Health Sciences Centre, and Edmonton Kaye Clinic
  • Duncan Steele, Organizational Ethicist, Clinical Ethics Services