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Spotlight on protective services

Protective Services is an important part of our care team, dedicated to ensuring we can deliver safe, quality, patient- and family-centered care to Albertans. During the pandemic, their role has become even more important.

As you may have heard, and some of you experienced, many of our front-line teams are facing harassment from people who do not believe the COVID-19 pandemic is real. They fail or refuse to comprehend the realities AHS staff and physicians are experiencing every day. This harassment is reprehensible and unsettling for all of us, and Protective Services has played a crucial role in responding to these incidents.

Protective Services has also created a new role for safety ambassadors, who are responsible for screening, greeting, wayfinding and educating visitors on current AHS visitation policies and COVID-19-related expectations or policies. And more recently, they were instrumental in keeping our people and patients safe during protests at our facilities.

We understand how challenging these protests were for some of our staff, and continue to be grateful for the support of Protective Services, who help guide us through these situations and ensure safety for all.

Joining me to tell us more about their role during the pandemic are:

  • Simon Boutros, Site Manager of Protective Services for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Joseph Dickson, Protective Services Team Lead at the Rockyview General Hospital.
  • Jerry Scott, Chief Protective Services Officer.

Finally, Jerry wanted me to make clear that those individuals who are abusive represent only a small percentage of the hundreds of positive interactions that Protective Services has with patients and families every day.