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The World of Allied Health

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has impacted all of us in some form. It has challenged the way we live, the way we think, and even the way we work. These are all factors that can influence the outcomes and experiences of our patients and families.  So how do we, as a workforce, consider these challenges in the care we provide?

In addition to our doctors, nurses, and many other healthcare providers, we are fortunate to have almost 7,800 dedicated allied health professionals at AHS.

This diverse group includes several health disciplines, each of which bring a unique set of skills - creating a holistic approach for Albertans to recover sooner and live more meaningful lives. They have proven to be very skilled at adapting their practice to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

As it is Allied Health week, I have invited three people to the vlog today to tell us more about their respective Allied Health professions, and how they have adapted during COVID-19:

  • Dr. Stewart Longman, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Foothills Medical Centre
  • Dr Jaeun Macen, Spiritual Health Consultant, Palliative Home Care, Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre
  • Lindsay Storm, Social Worker III, South Health Campus