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Connect Care Launch 4 is Coming

Later this month, AHS will reach another milestone: Launch 4 of Connect Care. This is the largest launch yet, with 57 sites across the Edmonton and Calgary zones putting Connect Care in place on May 28.
The launch includes the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary. Also included are Calgary Zone rural and urgent care sites and the clinics and services aligned with them, the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatric Centre, Central Production Pharmacy, addiction and mental health facilities in Edmonton Zone, and all labs in the Edmonton Zone that have not already implemented Connect Care.
After Launch 4, there will be more than 60,000 staff and physicians using Connect Care to provide care to patients. Each launch is a huge amount of work, we would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved for the countless hours they’ve spent on this project.
Joining the AHS Vlog to tell us more about Connect Care and Launch 4 are:

  • Debbie Pinter, Clinical Operations Informatics Officer.
  • Penny Rae, Chief Information Officer.
  • Dr. Jeremy Theal, Chief Medical Information Officer.