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Importance of Business Continuity Management

One of the biggest things we’ve learned during this pandemic is the importance of being prepared. Some of that comes from our experience from previous events such as H1N1 and the various floods and wildfires we’ve successfully weathered over the years.
But it’s important to remember that being prepared doesn’t happen by accident. It requires people from various disciplines coming together, actively planning for how we can mitigate the effects of these incidents and learning from each experience.
One of the key players in this work is our Business Continuity Management team, which has been actively working behind the scenes with programs and sites across AHS to help with this planning.
Joining the AHS Vlog to talk about their work and the importance of Business Continuity Management are:

  • Michael Hiller, Director, Business Continuity Management.
  • Michael Timmins, Manager, Business Continuity Management Strategic Operations.