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Spotlight on Health Link

Most people are aware of Health Link 8-1-1, our telephone health information and advice line that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But what you might not know is Health Link has served Albertans for about 22 years.

Albertans have come to rely on this vital service and know it as a trusted care option. The registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who work for Health Link provide care to thousands of Albertans each day, and played an even bigger role during our pandemic response.

Health Link received around 1,900 calls each day back in 2019. At the peak of the pandemic, it was up to 10,000 calls each day. Today they average up to 4,500 calls each day.

The scope of Health Link’s work has also expanded since those pre-pandemic days. Joining guest host Sean Chilton to discuss this and more are:

  • Tricia Chambers, Senior Provincial Director, Provincial Clinical Programs & Virtual Health
  • Carolyn Grolman, Provincial Director Health Link-811