The future of health in Alberta

Alberta Health Services (AHS), in partnership with Alberta Health, has developed this online tool to give Albertans like you an opportunity to envision the future of healthcare in the province.

This tool is part of a public engagement initiative that’s currently underway. AHS is seeking the thoughts and perspectives of Albertans from communities across Calgary and Central zones to better understand how the healthcare system can best meet their needs in 15 years and beyond.

We want to work with Albertans to co-design and co-deliver a sustainable, quality health system that promotes healthy communities and provides appropriate access to services, programs and facilities across the province.

Our work has just begun and will continue into the new year. Similar planning has already taken place in the Edmonton zone. Other areas of the province will follow later in the process.

We’re bringing together community and AHS leaders in daylong think tank sessions. We’ve held two sessions already, in the Calgary and Central zones of AHS.

We have smaller workshops scheduled with other community members, as well as staff, volunteers, health partners and physicians.

We will also meet with specific community groups in each zone, such as Indigenous people, immigrants, refugees, the LGBQT community, youth and the homeless, to ensure we hear as many ideas and needs as possible — including yours.

You and the people in your communities know better than anyone else what’s needed to support health and wellness where you live. That’s why the AHS vision is ‘Healthy Communities. Healthy Albertans. Together.’ Because, together, we can develop a deeper understanding of Alberta’s unique communities and, together, we can explore new and innovative ways of structuring and delivering care.

Together, we can make a difference.