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Teams and Therapies

At Alberta Children's Hospital we have a large group of highly skilled professionals that help in different ways to support you and your child through their health care journey.

These teams include, but are not limited to:

Child Life Specialists

Our Child Life team works with you and your child to help create a positive coping environment through distraction, medical play and other supportive therapies.

They have created a number of resources for you and your family to help support your child through pain and painful procedures. Please ask to meet with a Child Life Specialist to ask about the Positions of Comfort, Comfort Care Plan, and Caregiver Resource Guide.


Our psychology team is trained in the latest research based treatments for acute and chronic pain management which include medical hypnosis, cognitive-behavior therapy, and mindfulness practices. The team offers group and individual sessions to help patients and their families by decreasing the difficulties associated with pain, while assisting them in getting back to their regular activities including attending school and participating in extracurricular activities.

Physiotherapy and Rehab Services

Alberta Children's Hospital has a large physiotherapy and rehab support team.  This team is trained to help your child work through their pain and get them back to doing their regular activities.   This team can see you in and out of hospital to support your child and create a rehab plan as the recover after their injury or pain event.