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Weeks Before Surgery - Timeline

What Happens Next ...

You have just found out from the surgeon that your child needs surgery. What happens next? The following timeline will let you know what to expect and help you plan for what's ahead:

4-6 Weeks Before Surgery

Arrange Childcare for Siblings

Although families are welcome to visit on the day of surgery, it can turn into a very long day for siblings. Plan to have your other children stay with family or friends. If this is not possible, Emily's Backyard on the main level can provide childcare for a limited time.

Schedule Time Off Work

At least one parent needs to be with your child on the day of surgery. The surgeon will let you know how long your child will be in the hospital and how long he or she needs to stay home to recover. This will help you plan for any days off work.

Talk with Your Child's Teacher(s)

Let your child's teacher(s) know how long your child will be away from school to help plan for any missed schoolwork. Older children may want to arrange for a friend to bring schoolwork home for them.

Arrange for a Place to Stay if Out of Town

If you are from out of town and need a place to stay, visit the Family & Community Resource Centre website for a list of available options. One parent may stay overnight at the bedside. Family Support Specialists are available should you have questions.

1-2 Weeks Before Surgery

Don't Give ASA (e.g. Aspirin® Asaphen®) or Ibuprofen (e.g. Advil® or Motrin®)

Please do not give your child any medicine with ASA or Ibuprofen in it 10 days before surgery. If you have any questions about this, please call the Pre-Admission Clinic.

Expect a Call from the Pre-Admission Clinic

Staff from the Pre-Admission Clinic will call you between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., one to two weeks before your child's surgery. They will review your child's health history, explain how to get your child ready for surgery and answer any questions you may have.

Prepare Your Child

Arrange Interpreter Services

For some health situations, it may be important to use a certified healthcare interpreter. If you need a certified health care interpreter the Alberta Health Services Language Line Interpretive Services is available in over 200 languages. Hospital staff can access the language line on  the day of your child’s surgery to assist in your hospital stay.

Pick Up a Few Things

We suggest you have pain medications such as Tylenol® or Tempra® on hand for when your child comes home. You may also want to stock up on fluids such as soups, popsicles and juices.