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Contact Numbers


Please register with our orientation program, Surgery 101, by emailing child.life@ahs.ca.

Accommodations - Families Out of Town

Visit the Family & Community Resource Centre (FCRC) website for a list of nearby hotels, and other options for accommodations. Family Support Specialists are available should you have questions.

Family Support

The Family & Community Resource Centre provides a comfortable and supportive environment where families can find reliable child health information, receive support, access child health education, and connect with community resources. Visit us on the 2nd floor at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Preparing for Surgery

The "What Happens in the Operating Room?" section of the KidsHealth site is an excellent resource for kids about having surgery.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia website provides a good overview for children ages 6-12 years about common medical procedures, equipment, people who work at the hospital and what it's like to have an operation.

The Surgery leaflet provides a list of resources recommended by experts at the Alberta Children's Hospital, for preparing children for surgery.

The Just for Teens - Tips for Surgery pamphlet provides information about how teens should prepare for surgery and what they can expect on the day of surgery.

Browse the Family Library Collection to see what books are available about coming to the hospital or having surgery. Enter the word surgery in the search box.

Understanding Anesthesia

Our website section called Understanding Anesthesia - FAQ has answers to common questions we receive from both parents and children. For more information go to the links listed below:

For Parents

  • The Society for Pediatric Anesthesia site answers parents' questions about their children having colds, anesthesiologists and fasting.
  • Go to "Patient Information" on the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society site for information about what anesthesia involves, what anesthesiologists do and answers to frequently asked questions.

For Teens

  • Go to "Types of Anesthesia" on the KidsHealth - Teens site for a basic look at what each kind of anesthesia does.
  • Visit "Anesthesia Basics" on the KidsHealth - Teen site for information about anesthesia. This may answer some questions and help ease any concerns.
  • The "Anesthesia - What to Expect" section of the KidsHealth- Teen site offers a quick look at what may happen before, during, and after an operation or procedure.

Patient/Family Safety Education Brochure