2016-17 Health Plan and Business Plan

Better Quality, Better Outcomes, Better Value

The Health Plan and Business Plan is our roadmap to the delivery of health care in Alberta over the next several years. It lays out the goals and specific actions that will continue to improve the high-quality health care we deliver to Albertans every day and helps us measure how far we have come in achieving those goals.

The business plan allocates the dollars to support the work we do for the four million Albertans we serve. It supports the staff and resources needed to deliver quality health care services in this province.

Together, the AHS Health Plan and Business Plan set the stage for the future of health care in this province and guide the decisions we make every day.

This plan is designed to build on our current successes, focus our efforts on outcomes and quality, and help us improve the overall health of Albertans, no matter where they live, what stage of life they are in, or what their health care needs may be.