Alberta Health Services Board Vice-Chair
Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn Biography

Dr. Hemmelgarn is a specialist in Nephrology with a PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University and research expertise in health services research. Originally trained as a nurse, she is currently Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. Dr. Hemmelgarn brings to the table significant front-line experience in healthcare, a strong knowledge of operational issues and an in-depth perspective of health-care issues for Albertans and AHS.

Dr. Hemmelgarn's research interests involve chronic medical conditions such as chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, using computerized data sources, including the Alberta Kidney Disease Network (AKDN) repository of laboratory data and Alberta Health administrative data.

Dr. Hemmelgarn holds the Roy and Vi Baay Chair in Kidney Research and is the team co-leader for the Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Collaboration. She is also active in clinical practice guideline development including international guidelines, is Director of the AKDN, and is the past chair of the clinical practice guideline committee for the Canadian Society of Nephrology.

In her service to the community, Dr. Hemmelgarn sits on the Board of Directors for the Kidney Foundation of Canada Southern Alberta Branch, is a past member of the Board of Hypertension Canada and Canadian Organ Replacement Register as well as participating in numerous other professional advisory committees.

Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn

Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn

AHS Board Vice-Chair

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