How to Request Your Personal Information

Information Requests

If you believe there is a mistake, error, and/or omission of information in your health record, you may request correction or amendment. In support of your request, you must provide adequate proof or evidence. For example, reports of x-ray or laboratory tests or documents showing a medical diagnosis might be needed to prove a certain medical condition exists. In addition, please note you may only request correction or amendment within a health record. We cannot remove a health record created by an AHS health care professional, such as your physician, nurse, etc.


Contact us at the Privacy Intake Line:

For Current or Former AHS Employees

You may request your personnel file if you are a current or previous AHS employee.

  • Contact AHS Human Resources at 1-877-511-4455

For Non-AHS Employees

Step 1

Complete this form.

No initial fee required.

Step 2

Send your form by mail or email.

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For Your Health Information or Medical Records

Your personal information is not the same as your health information or medical records. Request your health information or medical records.