2008/2009 Annual Report & Financial Statements

The 2008/2009 fiscal year audited Financial Statements for each of the nine former health regions, two former provincial boards and one former commission were reviewed and approved by the Alberta Health Services Board. 

The Alberta Health Services 2008/2009 Annual Report reflects the transitional nature of the past year. It is a combined report and includes the financial statements of the nine health regions and the two former provincial boards. The 2008/2009 Annual Report was also reviewed and approved by the Alberta Health Services Board.

The Annual Report and Financial Statements of Alberta Health Services are prepared in compliance with the Governance Accountability Act and the Regional Health Authorities Act. 

The AHS Board is committed to openness and transparency in how its business is conducted. As such, the Board has instructed that the Annual Report and all Financial Statements be made available to the public for viewing online.

Annual Report

Financial Statements