Wisdom Council

The Wisdom Council has been appointed by AHS to provide guidance and recommendations on service delivery, program design and evaluation to ensure appropriate and innovative health service delivery for Indigenous peoples in Alberta.

The Council will consider Indigenous health priorities, resource needs and service delivery throughout the province, drawing upon other expertise as required, to provide guidance and recommendations to AHS. The Council’s roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Review and provide guidance on AHS-wide priorities and strategies to improve health and wellness for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and urban-based Indigenous peoples.
  • Provide guidance on how AHS programs/services can be adapted to meet the health needs of Indigenous peoples and to ensure services support traditional healing in primary, secondary and tertiary health service delivery.
  • Identify issues, gaps and barriers to Indigenous peoples receiving equitable access to health services across the province and identify strategies to address them.
  • Identify social, cultural and environmental determinants of health that facilitate and support improvements in Indigenous health and how these can be addressed.
  • Provide guidance on health planning, implementation and evaluation through community engagement strategies.
  • Consider workforce development issues and make recommendations with respect to Indigenous workforce development and sustainability.

Wisdom Council

The Alberta Health Services Wisdom Council.

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