Advisory Councils

Meet Our Council Members

Building a better health system with the voice of our community

We’re proud of the great work by our Advisory Councils. Council members volunteer their time to provide feedback from lived experience, listen to the people in their communities and are committed to giving valuable feedback to AHS. They represent many different experiences, cultures and ages, and provide critical feedback that informs decisions that affect how AHS delivers health services and cares for Albertans. Visit this page regularly to read more about them, what they’re passionate about, and why they like being involved.

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Christine Heggart

Christine Heggart of David Thompson Health Advisory Council is working hard to relay her community’s healthcare concerns and suggestions to Alberta Health Services’ leadership, as well as letting her community know more about the resources and programs that are available to keep them healthy. Read more

Deborah Reid

Deborah Reid-Mickler of Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council believes the future of our rural communities depends on active participation. Through her engagement and communication about healthcare, she’s working to build a stronger community strength as she also encourages youth to participate. Read more

Rebecca Bultsma

Rebecca Bultsma was drawn to join the Oldman River Health Advisory Council by her passion for healthcare and concern for the well-being of individuals within her community. As a communications professional, she believes in the importance of stakeholder engagement and its power to positively impact healthcare planning and delivery. Read more

Sasha Loewen

Sasha Loewen of Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council brings experience in seniors and social housing and she shares her expertise on council, with a focus on improving housing and the overall well-being of her community. Read more

Shelly Komarnicki

Shelly Komarnicki of True North Health Advisory Council is working to increase mental health services and boost access to specialists and services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology and speech language therapy — services she feels are desperately needed for families and students, especially in remote areas. Read more

Peggy Makofka

By adding her voice to the David Thompson Health Advisory Council, Peggy Makofka believes she and her fellow council members can accomplish good work in rural communities by listening to their neighbours' concerns and connecting their community to healthcare leadership in order to resolve issues areas. Read more

Barbara Boyer

Barbara Boyer of Oldman River Health Advisory Council is working to connect more members of her community with healthcare services as she advises Alberta Health Services of her community's needs. Read more

Rosemary Brown

Rosemary Brown of David Thomson Health Advisory Council aims to advise on how Alberta can streamline and reduce inefficiencies in healthcare and raise awareness of the vital role of healthcare workers. Read more

Judy Acres

Judy Acres of Yellowhead East Health Advisory Council is “stubborn, focused and energized” in her quest to ensure quality health services for her neighbours and communities in rural Alberta. Read more

Jay Raymundo

Jay Raymundo of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council acts with a strong passion to help his home community of Airdrie and upon a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Read more

Laura Smith

Laura Smith of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council knows all too well the challenges and needs of rural Albertans as she strives to improve the healthcare experiences of her neighbours. Read more

Daphne Anstey-Martin

Daphne Anstey-Martin of Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council is passionate about her family and community as she advocates for the needs of others and gains insight into how healthcare can evolve for the better. Read more

Breanna Wallace

Breanna Wallace of Wood Buffalo Health Advisory Council overcame the challenges of a difficult childhood to grow into an educated, strong and independent woman who’s dedicated to positive healthcare change. Read more

Cathy Fox

Cathy Fox of Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council believes positive change is possible as she works on behalf of her community to strengthen healthcare for all. Read more

Carol Manson McLeod

Carol Manson McLeod of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council keeps her passion for healthcare focused on improving the system for all. Read more

Joyce McCoy

Joyce McCoy of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council has a passion for healthcare in her community especially when it comes to improving seniors' lives and healthy aging in place Read more

Prescilla Coker

Priscilla Coker of Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council is working hard to close what she views as ‘inequity gap’s on the path to better healthcare solutions for all Albertans. Read more

Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda Robinson brings a wealth of lived experience and a sincere desire to help others achieve balance and well-being in their lives as a member of the Addiction & Mental Health Provincial Advisory Council (AMH PAC). Read more

Diane MacNaughton

Diane MacNaughton is no stranger to Advisory Councils — in fact, she’s served on a few over the past two decades. Read more

Wendy Plandowski

When it comes to shoring up the fight for wellness as a member of the Cancer Provincial Advisory Council (PAC), Wendy Plandowski says she feels a sense of hope and purpose thanks to “the simply incredible facilities and talent we have working here in Alberta.” Read more

Floyd House

Floyd House has always wondered about what goes on behind the curtain, so to speak, when decisions are made about healthcare in Alberta. It’s this ‘healthy’ curiosity that led him to his current role as a member of the Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council (HAC). Read more

Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett of Oldman River Health Advisory Council has a passion to council to improve the health outcomes for Indigenous and all Albertans. Read more

Susan Giesbrecht

Susan Giesbrecht of Lesser Slave Lake Health Advisory Council brings a valuable Indigenous perspective to the table along with her passion for learning and helping others toward mental wellness. Read more

Cyndy Heslin

After a career in healthcare, Cyndy Heslin of Yellowhead East Health Advisory Council keeps her passion alive by helping others navigate their way through the healthcare system to reach success and well-being.Read more

Maurissa Bruneau

Maurissa Bruneau of Peace Health Advisory Council has stepped up to contribute to the “powerful voice” of her Council members for the betterment of their community. Read more

Ernie Grach

Ernie Grach of the Cancer Provincial Advisory Council has personally battled two types of cancer and brings the insight and knowledge he gleaned to improve the journey and care for other Albertans fighting cancer. Read more

Rachel Vossen

A desire to help people to live their best lives brought Rachel Vossen to the Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council, where she advises Alberta Health Services on service planning and development as she grows community awareness of available services. Read more

Jancey Dolen

A desire to care for others and a career in social work ultimately brought Jancey Dolen to Peace Health Advisory Council where she hopes to educate the public, promote better use of services and improve the system for all Albertans. Read more