Advisory Councils

Meet Our Council Members

Building a better health system with the voice of our community

We’re proud of the great work by our Advisory Councils. Council members volunteer their time to provide feedback from lived experience, listen to the people in their communities and are committed to giving valuable feedback to AHS. They represent many different experiences, cultures and ages, and provide critical feedback that informs decisions that affect how AHS delivers health services and cares for Albertans. Visit this page regularly to read more about them, what they’re passionate about, and why they like being involved.

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Zicki Eludin

Zicki Eludin of Lakeland Communities Health Advisory Council has served Lac La Biche in many capacities over the years, out of a desire to give back to a community that’s been so good to him. Read more

Lesley Binning

Lesley Binning of Yellowhead East Health Advisory Council believes everyone’s voice is important and aims to inspire more people to advocate for their health and well-being. Read more

Lori Bayne

Lori Bayne of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council is striving to be more culturally sensitive while improving healthcare in the fields of addiction and mental health, seniors care and Indigenous healthcare. Read more

B Adair

B Adair of the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression Provincial Advisory Council says the group may be relatively new, but already has incredible ideas on how to address stigmas and improve mental health care. Read more

Janice Willier

A passion to make things better for Indigenous Peoples is woven into the fabric of Janice Willier’s life. ….. Read more

Kaj Korvela

Building stronger partnerships between community, healthcare and government toward mental wellness for all Albertans has been a lifelong desire for Kaj Korvela, a founding member of the Addiction & Mental Health Provincial Advisory Council (AMH PAC). Read more

Susan Giesbrecht

Susan Giesbrecht of Lesser Slave Lake Health Advisory Council brings a valuable Indigenous perspective to the table along with her passion for learning and helping others toward mental wellness. Read more

Reg Radke

A desire to find another way to serve his neighbours and community led Reg Radke to apply for a seat on the Palliser Triangle Health Advisory Council. Read more

Jahnavel Sanchez

A desire to help minorities and promote more inclusive health care for all first brought Jahnavel Sanchez to the Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council (HAC), where she’s already served her community for over two years. Read more

Carole Tkach

Carole Tkach of David Thompson Health Advisory Council, brings 45 years of rural nursing experience and a passion for community relationships to her role. Read more

Andrew Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen of Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Council brings a valuable youthful perspective to the dialogue on health care in Alberta. Read more

Louise Myre

Having your voice heard means a lot to Louise Myre when it comes to healthcare. Read more

Nicholas (Nick) Polturak

Nicholas (Nick) Polturak grew up in a family that strongly believes in giving back to the community. Read more

Cyndy Heslin

After a career in healthcare, Cyndy Heslin of Yellowhead East Health Advisory Council keeps her passion alive by helping others navigate their way through the healthcare system to reach success and well-being.Read more

Chad Beck

Chad Beck of the Oldman River Health Advisory Council is an aspiring physician with a keen interest in addiction and mental health prevention services for young people in Alberta.Read more

Melanie Hassett

Passionate about publicly-funded universal healthcare, Melanie Hassett volunteers for the David Thompson Health Advisory Council (DTHAC). Read more

Teresa O’Riordan

A proud Albertan who believes in civic duty, Teresa O’Riordan is a volunteer on the Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council. Read more

Sarah Hissett

A self-proclaimed serial volunteer, Sarah Hissett has stayed actively involved in her community over the years. Read more

Dr. Austin Mardon

Dr. Austin Mardon joined the Addiction and Mental Health Provincial Advisory Council because he has set some lofty volunteer goals. Read more

Heather Norris

Heather Norris, an avid volunteer with a keen desire to support rural communities. Read more

Janice Lockhart

Joining the David Thompson Health Advisory Council in 2010, Janice Lockhart has a deep interest in healthy living. Read more

Anahi Johnson

It seemed a natural extension of nursing for Anahi Johnson when she joined the Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council (GEHAC). Read more

Sandy Bunse

Sandy Bunse, a retired school teacher, spends some of her free time as a member of Peace Health Advisory Council (HAC). Read more