ACH & Beyond: Child Health Planning to 2030

Alberta Children's Hospital

The Alberta Children's Hospital is undertaking a Master Site Planning process that will guide the evolution of the hospital and the services it provides until 2030. With the pediatric population higher than expected and an ever-increasing demand for healthcare service, the ACH needs to evolve, innovate and change.

The Master Site Planning is a "think tank" process to evaluate the many ways to address future demands on the Alberta Children's Hospital and develop a sustainable plan for evolution of the site and its services. The process started with the creation of a steering committee to develop the vision for the site. An engineering review of the facility has been completed so we know where and what expansion is possible. Building expansion is not the only way to address future need; we are also looking at the distribution of services as Calgary grows as well as expanding service hours. The project team is now working with the ACH programs and services to define their future needs. We are engaging stakeholders on many levels talking with clinicians, partners, researchers, management and service users.

This engagement process is NOW CLOSED. We'd like to thank all the participants who shared their stories, provided their input and feedback and contributed to the conversation. Continue to visit this page for updates regarding Master Site Planning and the related engagement process.

As part of our engagement process, we are talking to patients, families, service partners, Alberta Health Services staff and other interested participants to start a conversation about the future of the Alberta Children's Hospital. This is an opportunity to share your experiences, hopes and suggestions about ACH service delivery and how it could evolve and change to better meet the needs of children, youth and families.

At ACH we incorporate patient and family centered care in all that we do including involving patients and families in planning for the future of our hospital, listening to one another, sharing ideas and information, and asking and answering questions to inform decision making.

You input will be used to help inform and develop the priorities and strategies for the future of ACH outlined in the Master Plan. Your ideas could be used to inform future strategies and will provided to the ACH Master Site Planning Committee for their consideration in developing priorities, strategies and actions in the 2030 Master Plan.

We are eager to hear from a variety of stakeholders with diverse experiences, understanding and knowledge and you can expect a summary report of what we heard in November-December 2016.
We want to engage as many people as possible in this important conversation. There will be multiple opportunities to be involved. Find the right one for you.

The future evolution of ACH is likely be phased with gradual changes where the highest priorities are addressed first.

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