Keeping Kids Addiction-Free

There is no single reason why young people use alcohol and other drugs, and there is no simple way to prevent use and abuse of alcohol, other drugs or gambling activities. We know from international research, as well as our own research, that there are both risk factors and protective factors that play a role in determining whether young people will experience harmful effects from substance use or gambling. 

We also know that family factors such as effective parenting practices are among the strongest predictors and protective influences for alcohol and drug use among youth. That’s why we’ve gotten together with the RCMP to develop a new prevention program just for parents.

Kids and Drugs: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention.

The Kids and Drugs program helps parents learn strategies to prevent their school age children (aged eight to15 yrs) from abusing alcohol and other drugs. It goes beyond providing parents with basic "drug education" to address some of the important protective influences that parents can have.

  • The first section called “The power of parents” looks at risk and protective factors for substance abuse and the importance of parental role modelling.
  • The next section entitled “Talking with your kids” looks at communication skills such as opening a discussion about drugs and effective listening and responding skills.
  • Another section called “Helping your child make good decisions” addresses the areas of critical thinking skills and setting clear boundaries and expectations for children’s behaviour.
  • In the final section “What parents need to know about drugs”, information is provided on commonly used drugs and the risks related, as well as reasons kids use drugs and the signs and symptoms of a developing problem.

The Kids and Drugs Program includes:

  • a parent’s booklet
  • a fun and interactive workshop series

Contact your local AHS addiction services office if you would like to take part in a Kids and Drugs program in your area.