Coalition Building

What is a community coalition?

A coalition is a group of community members from different organizations who come together to pursue a common goal. Teachers, parents, elected leaders, social workers, citizens, police officers, doctors, youth, and many more can all make a difference. Everyone has a role to play in preventing and reducing alcohol and drug problems in Alberta.

How do coalitions help?

  • They define a community’s strengths and weaknesses, and use these indicators to plan a strategy.
  • They identify gaps and work together to fill those gaps.
  • They share similar concerns but from a variety of perspectives, better representing the whole community.
  • They improve communication delivery through the numerous members.
  • They are more visible to decision-makers, the media and the community.
  • They conserve resources by eliminating duplication of efforts.

Communities are unique. Therefore, they require strategies that are unique to their own situation. To be successful, groups promoting change must represent the community they wish to change. To do this, coalitions should look to build their membership with different people who share similar interests.