Strengthening and sustaining partnerships

Similar interests and goals are often the beginning of a partnership. However, sustaining a partnership requires special attention. The following list of suggested strategies and practices can help to keep partnerships strong, and to keep them going. 

Best strategies and practices

  1. Develop a shared vision. A clearly articulated vision will help remind partners that although their organizations’ mandates may vary, they share a common goal.
  2. Be transparent! Relationships built on open communication and respect create a healthy environment for partners to thrive in.
  3. Keep your organization’s plan clear. A comprehensive and coherent road map will serve as the backbone and ensure that activities are strategic and focused. Remember to recognize milestones. This is an excellent way to track your performance and achievements.
  4. Define roles and responsibilities for all partners. This will eliminate duplication and ensure that all members clearly understand the part they play.
  5. Build a broad base of awareness and understanding. Effective public relations will help maintain excellent community support and recognition. It will also encourage community members to join and increase the amount of connections to the community.
  6. Monitor and measure progress, accomplishments and short-term victories to make sure partners are held accountable for their commitment and actions.
  7. Strengthen relations through trust and respect. This will give the group the ability to work together and adapt to emerging issues locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

These strategies can help partners to:

  • Examine current efforts and future plans
  • Identify strengths and determine how to reinforce them
  • Recognize weak areas and develop plans to strengthen or eliminate them

Motivation is key. Rekindling enthusiasm, building momentum and deepening commitment will ensure partnerships thrive and achieve their goals.