Addiction & Substance Abuse in Alberta

What is AHS doing about it?

Alberta Health Services is committed to reducing harm associated with alcohol, other drugs and gambling by strengthening the availability of addiction information, prevention and treatment services.

Information: Laying the Foundation

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides Albertans with current, accurate and relevant information on alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling.

Research and education are important to everything we do to help people with substance use problems, from promoting awareness of addiction issues and AHS services to supporting prevention and treatment programs.

Along with the information we provide online, materials are available in communities across the province through addiction programs and services.

Prevention: Building Strengths, Reducing Risks

Alberta Health Services provides programs aimed at preventing problems and reducing harm related to substance use and gambling.

Prevention strategies are intended to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors for addiction in the population as a whole, and within specific groups. Our prevention efforts involve many partners and focus on parents, schools, workplaces and community groups working to address local issues.

To find out more about what’s happening in your area, see our listings of substance use prevention.

Treatment: A Spectrum of Services

Alberta Health Services offers a full range of treatment services to help Albertans improve their health, learn new life skills and recover from the harmful effects of substance use and problem gambling. Treatment programs are available for adults, youth and families who are having serious problems.

Specialized programs are also available for youth, women, Aboriginal people, business and industry referrals, people with opioid dependency or cocaine addiction, and people affected by family violence.

For more information and to find an addiction treatment service near you, please see our listings of programs and services or call the 24-hour Helpline at 1-866-332-2322 (Alberta only).