Action on Priorities

Focusing On What Matters Most

Alberta Surgical Initiative

Improving the patient’s surgical journey, from the time patients seek advice from their family doctor, to when they are referred to a specialist, to their surgery and rehabilitation.

Continuing Care

Ensuring a sustainable and innovative continuing care system is in place for all Albertans, providing care in homes and communities.

Digital Health Evolution & Innovation

Using technology to improve care for patients, enhance communication and empower collaborative decision-making between healthcare teams, patients, and families.

EMS 10-Point Plan

Addressing ongoing EMS system pressures and creating capacity within the system to ensure patients receive the emergency care they need, where and when they need it.

Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

Empowering Albertans who experience mental health or addiction concerns to live a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life, through a recovery-oriented approach.

Public Health & Pandemic Response and Recovery

Maintaining readiness and ensuring preparedness, focusing on protecting staff and those most vulnerable to severe outcomes.

Quality & Patient Outcomes

Continually improving the quality and safety of the care delivered by AHS and enhancing AHS' organizational culture of learning to improve health outcomes and the experiences of patients and families.

Rural & Indigenous Initiatives and Engagement

Enhancing engagement with stakeholders across rural and remote communities to strengthen partnerships and continue to develop innovative care and service models that better meet the health needs of rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.


Ensuring that AHS is run efficiently, with Albertans getting full value for every dollar spent on public health in this province. As part of this financial responsibility, AHS is committed to environmental sustainability and ensuring that AHS is positively contributing to emissions reduction and a greener future.

Workforce Recruitment & Retention

Building on AHS' ability to recruit, retain and engage a skilled workforce.