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Automated Shift Callout (ASC) - Version 4.1 Scheduler View

On July 13, 2020, Provincial Staffing Services launched ASC version 4.1, an upgrade to our Automated Shift Callout system, to meet the scheduling demands across AHS.

This upgrade provides PSS the ability to offer shifts to a broad audience and makes it more convenient for employees to receive and accept offers for relief shifts. In addition, new features have been added that allow employees to view and access schedules on mobile devices. NOTE: Employees will still need to use ESP Self Service to enter availability and requests for shift swaps, vacations and other absences.

Learn more about this upgrade by taking the MyLearningLink course What's New in ASC 4.1, or for new employees, the complete course Automated Shift Callout: Employee Training. For additional information, including the ASC Employee Manual and FAQs, visit the PSS Insite Self Service Page, or contact PSS Education (

Automated Shift Callout (ASC) is now live for all eligible areas. If you qualify to use the ASC system, training on MyLearningLink is encouraged. This course covers all the features that will guide you in accepting or responding to shift offers (1-7 day window).

  1. Complete ASC training (click on the link below)
  2. Activate Communication Preferences in the ASC Employee Portal at
  3. Update your availability in Workforce ESP Self Service

Complete MyLearningLink course:
Automated Shift Callout: Employee Training

Does this apply to me?

ASC applies to those employees who meet the following criteria:

  • You are currently scheduled through Workforce ESP;
  • You currently receive phone calls from a PSS Staffing Service Centre, to be offered relief shifts;
  • You currently use Workforce ESP Self Service to view your schedule and submit time off and shift swap requests.

Check with your manager, supervisor, or team leader to confirm if ASC applies to you.

If you have any questions regarding your schedule or ASC Callouts,
please contact your staffing office.
For access or other system questions, please contact:

ESP Support Line:

ESP Email:
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